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At HomeMovie.Com, our team members srive to make the process of web-based video editing and sharing as enjoyable as possible.  The working atmosphere within our company is unique, bringing educated, hard-working people together to allow our customers to network with one another as well as preserve their video memories for a lifetime.  We believe in hard work and creativity, which comes alive when people from different perspectives work together in a friendly, relaxing, yet high-charged environment.

As technology changes and advances, so does the vision of what HomeMovie.Com hope to accomplish. We encourage and welcome people who have a know-how tor technological endeavors and who are willing to learn and meet the demands of consumers as they happen in the real world.

If you think you may be interested in working for HomeMovie.Com or have inquiries about a specific job description, please email us at If you have contacted one of our employees and would like to send us your resume, please send it to our main company headquarters at:

Attn: Employment
31 W. Chewuch
Winthrop, WA 98862


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HomeMovie.Com is the place for home video sharing and watching on the web. Upload and share videos from your web camera, digital camera, camera phone, digital camcorder or digital video camera. Watch shared videos from your friends and family. Share video with your friends and family. Import and share video from existing digital video files or your digital video camera, edit and share your video and movies with our web-based video-editing and video sharing tools, preserve video by uploading your movies to our video sharing servers, share video with your online community and order DVD of your movies, video to dvd transfer or film transfer to enjoy and share at home.

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